God’s Brand, His Inner Layer, 2 of ?

Signorelli quotes Patrick Hanlon in Primal Branding as stating, “‘think of a brand as a belief system'” then gives his own point of view, “the outer layer is [the brand’s] body and behaves according to beliefs and values that are directed by the brand’s inner layer” (p. 89).

So, let’s turn our lens on God.  We have God’s Word and our experiences with Him to go to for evidence of God’s beliefs and values.  The first thing that came to mind was looking at the law but it was added that sin might increase.  Hard to understand until we remember that who ever is forgiven much loves much, Luke 7:36-50.  The law tells me that God draws a line and is able to declare it, Cloud & Townsend’s Boundaries .

Here’s more on that from Galatians 5:16-25 (ESV):

Works of the Flesh Fruit of the Spirit
sexual immorality love
impurity joy
sensuality peace
idolatry patience
sorcery kindness
enmity goodness
strife faithfulness
jealousy gentleness
fits of anger self-control
and things like these

to be continued….