archaeology and the Bible – the Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve Are Driven out of Eden by Gustave...
Adam and Eve Are Driven out of Eden by Gustave Dore. Picture portrayed over passage in Genesis. And he placed at the east of the Garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life (Gen. 3:24). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Before embarking on this post, the reader should know that I am only a reader and have no expertise in any of the fields mentioned below.  I read and questions arise.  So, I thought I’d share some of both.


At the end of Genesis 2 we are told that Adam and Eve were naked and had no shame.  At the end of Genesis 3 we learn that God “made garments of skin” v. 21, for Adam and Eve.

The questions

So, if we look at this from a paleontology, archaeology, and/or paleoanthropology point of view would we look for earliest man with no clothing?  If God made clothes for Adam and Eve, did God teach them how to make clothes?  This would mean teaching the use of tools to construct the clothing and, I suppose, the construction of tools to take down the animals for their skins.  If they needed clothes now and not before, does this also mean the introduction of cold?  Is fire required for the construction of clothing from animal skin?  Did God teach man to harness fire?

Archaeology Magazine (scroll to bottom of new page) reports that Peking Man has been found to have extensive knowledge of tools and that this find along with another in Africa push back, or earlier, man’s use of tools.

Along this line of questioning, the line of the garden, is the finding that an erect posture or the size of the brain or a combination of both causes birthing difficulties.  At the expulsion from Eden, God tells Eve that childbearing will cause her great difficulty ever after.  Does this mean erect man marks the time of the exile?

Is Neanderthal man from the garden?  and modern man from without?  There is no mention of any children born in the garden, so this is doubtful.  There is mention of a people known as the Nephilim – who are they?  What and where is their skeletal record?

More of a beginning than an end

These are merely curiosities, valuable only if they lead us to seek the Kingdom of God first.



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