a dream in 3 parts

English: Tully Chimney and Tully Mills under c...
English: Tully Chimney and Tully Mills under construction, 1924 The image shows the construction of the base of the chimney. Workers can be seen building the frame of the Mill in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the picture included shows a building under construction, the picture reminds me of a dream I had. In the dream a 3 sectioned structure has collapsed.  Traffic is jammed on surrounding streets and people are hurt.  There are also angels everywhere, at least one per person it seems.

I see a sort of angel command post and I am directed to speak to a man who is on the ground.  He is crushed in half by part of the structure.  We start talking but none of the conversation makes any sense.  The angel who directed me to the man told me not to let on that he was dying and to stay with him.  So, I sit and talk and wait and wait and wait.  I woke up before the man was gone and was very comforted that there were so many angels tending to people.

Hebrews 1:14 Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?
Every mention of angel in the Bible that is searchable by Biblegateway.com can be found here.  Be sure to click the link for More Results on the new page.

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