What is God telling us with black holes? Light and dark… 1 of 4

Black Hole in the universe
Black Hole in the universe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alex Knapp reports for Forbes that researchers witnessed a black hole consuming a planet sized object.  I think about the physics of light and wonder about our understanding of a phenomenon no one has gotten physically close enough to observe from different angles.

I put up blackout curtains because light from the street lamp outside pours into my bedroom at night.  The darkness does not blot out the light.  The light comes streaming in through every slit, gap, and smallest opening!

So, how can a black hole blot out light?  I think of Jesus and “…the people living in darkness have seen a great light…”  Isaiah 9:2 .  I think of Jesus going into death and the grave all the way into Hell.  That was Light going into darkness, 1 Peter 3:19 , but the darkness, death, the grave, not even Hell could hold the Light of the world, Jesus!  In fact, He overcame and now holds the keys in His hand, Revelation 1:18 .

What do I learn from this? The darkness did not swallow up the light.  The light entered into the darkness.  Jesus said, “I came so that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance…” John 10:10 .  When Jesus died it certainly appeared that the darkness had won, but it turns out it was only the means to a joyful end, Matthew 28:6 .  More on that in another post.  So, I watch the heavens and wait, thinking about:

  • Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, coming into our darkness willingly
  • how He died to pay for our sins
  • how He conquered death, the grave and Hell making a way for us to return to the Father
  • that one day the light that entered those black holes is probably coming out as a testimony to what Jesus Christ did
  • I wonder if this visual is already occurring and we simply do not perceive it
  • what else the heavens declare

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