who is in charge?

English: Map showing Assyria, Babylonia and Ar...
English: Map showing Assyria, Babylonia and Armenia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeremiah 10 is and has been on my heart for some time.  I do not know whether it is God sending a warning to us today or not, I know tears flow at the reading of it.  God slings out the inhabitants of the land, Jeremiah weeps at the loss of his children and his home.  Then asks God to discipline him in judgment and just measure, not in His anger lest Jeremiah be diminished and brought to nothing.

Did you know scholars perceive that humans feel out of control of their circumstances?  In their paper, Eriksson and  Lindström (2006) begin by asking, “How do people manage the lack of control in their life?” (p. 1).

Jeremiah lived during the Babylon or Chaldean empire, sometime between 625-536 BC, according to Wells (1922) at Bartleby dot com.  Wells is quite wrong about the place of the Jews in history, but we can hope that his dates for the Babylonian/Chaldean empires are true.

Jeremiah wrote the book bearing his name.  In it, Jeremiah wrote, in verse 23:   for I know that a man, not even a good man at his best can direct his own steps.

So, we see God using science to prove Himself once more.  Note that David requested of the Lord to be led in the Way everlasting, Psalm 139:24.

Who is in charge?


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