an honorable occupation 1 Titus 3:8

My church library gives away its weeds – the books old or unused removed to make room for new.  In the weeds, I found some treasures.  Funny, this started to be about something else but is turning into this.

This is my first book review from this account.

Evelyn Christenson’s Gaining Through Losing, ©1980 Victor Books a division of SP Publications in Wheaton, IL, ISBN:  0-8B207-795-3 which is currently (June 2013) available from Amazon.

Christenson takes us through some of her life events as well as those of her friends and acquaintances continuously reminding and/or teaching us relevant scriptures and how these things can be worked out for the good by God.  Sometimes it is a hard teaching, but it is truthful and that’s really what matters.  I recommend this book for anyone going through hard times in this life.



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