the fire

I dreamed of earth.  It was sulfuric yellow as it burned.  Sections of the crust lifted up and collapsed again.  There was no green thing.  There was no living thing.  Only yellow.  Fire.

The next day as I went about my usual business I kept seeing the fire past or through what we call reality.  All of these things are temporary and will burn up.

Now I have one question:  What will survive that fire?  1 Corinthians 3: 9-15


The following are thoughts that came as I pondered this dream and what I “saw” the next day, I was reminded of 2 songs:  Rich Mullins’ The color green  and Amy Grant’s Hope Set High .  I also thought that the grass we see, the good things that happen down here must come from the Father.  The earth is corrupted, it is us who keep thinking that if we just did enough of the right things we could fix it.  That is a lie we have chosen to buy because it puts us in charge, but we are not in charge.  We sold our birthright to Satan for a bit of fruit, Genesis 3 and comparing us to Esau, Hebrews 12:16.

Those songs made me wonder if they were Biblically accurate.  In other words, is there scripture to confirm?  Here is what I found: paraphrasing James 1:17:  every good and perfect gift comes from above and Matthew 5:45 and God sends the rain and sun on the good and the bad.


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