Why God sent an angel to me/meeting the Lord 2 of 3

Mammoth_cave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, you already know I hated God and worshipped His worst enemy, but that didn’t work.  It didn’t put out the fire, it did not make the world spin on my authority so I began studying witchcraft.  Somewhere along the line I got married and then we got pregnant.  I began to get this idea that if I would take the baby to church and let him or her decide whether or not to hate God that would make me the coolest parent ever.  Of course I wanted to be cool!  So, some time after our daughter was born, I took her to the church I had been raised in.

My plan was to leave her in the nursery and duck out of there as fast as possible.  The nursery attendants caught on and were mortified, “You can’t leave her here alone!”  I thought, “She won’t be alone.  You’re here.”  But, I didn’t say that I just asked where the restroom was.  They told me and off I went thinking I would just hide out in the bathroom.  There was a speaker, right over the stall!  I could hear every word.  There were also speakers in the classrooms and out on the front porch.  It was really hot so I gave up and went into the airconditioning.  That’s when I heard it.

For the first time, I heard the preacher saying, “…while we were yet sinners Christ died for us…”  Romans 5:8.  Whether physically or just spiritually I don’t know but I turned to God and said, “If that is You, I want to know more”.  I had no idea what I was asking for.

Later that day, as I was putting our daughter to bed I saw a demon reach for me.  I knew that if that demon could touch me I would die physically and spiritually.  I do not know how I knew that.  In the same sermon, that preacher had also said, “…those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved…”  Joel 2:32.  I called out, “Jesus!”

The demon turned into 3 and flew away from me into a corner of the ceiling with a threat.  I began to learn to pray that day as a result.

Later I dreamed.  I was inside a cave and inside the cave was a pit.  I could not get up or down.  Then, I saw the figure of a man at the top of the pit.  Next thing I knew I was beside Him and I knew there was light and a way out.

Much much later I realized I had been healed of alcoholism and drug abuse if not addiction.  I had simply stopped using and didn’t know it until I tried to remember the last time I had and couldn’t.


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