how does my garden grow

English: Ozark landscape by Frank Nuderscher. ...
English: Ozark landscape by Frank Nuderscher. According to Saint Louis Art Museum exhibition records, this work was likely exhibited there in 1920. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently walked up on someone working in a garden.  She was scissoring off the dead and dying parts of a plant.  This event congealed several others into what follows.

City ordinances remove the poor and give them nowhere else to go in an effort to remove dilapidated buildings and increase property value.  Frequently ordinances are enacted that place a floor on the cost of a new home.  If the floor is $70,000 and a first year teacher makes $40,000 how will they afford a home?  What about those who work the minimum wage jobs?

Landscaping seems to mean sterilization from death and disease.  See any dead plants or limbs lately?  Why don’t we leave the fallen leaves on the ground as God intended?   The leaves hold in moisture for the trees as well as provide fertilizer over time.  What will be the result of removing not just evidence of normal life cycles but breaking those cycles?


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