learning from failure 1 of ?

Wenceslas Hollar - The Jacob and Joseph Storie...
Wenceslas Hollar – The Jacob and Joseph Stories (one sheet) (State 3) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rick Warren instructs readers, in What on Earth am I Here For?, to consider how they have learned through failure – that’s the basis of this post.

The Bible says that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and who are called, according to His purpose and design.  My paraphrase of Romans 8:28.  Very comforting!  Why?  Because all includes my failures.   I am a high school dropout, but I am working on my Master’s degree.

Last night I watched one of my favorite movies, Apollo 13, again.  Ken Mattingly had to stay behind because they thought he might have the measles.  That worked for the good because he was a member of the team in space, cared about the men on the flight, and was able to work out a solution for them from the ground.  Also, Lovell is shown in a television interview discussing an encounter with fear.  He was in a combat situation trying to land on a darkened carrier when the lights went out in his cockpit.  He recounts seeing the phosphorescence of algae that occurs in the wake of a large ship and points out that if the lights had not gone out in his cockpit he would never have been able to see it.  Then, to further the point, Lovell says, “You never know what events will transpire to get you home.”  Or something to that effect.  It made me wonder if he was a Christ follower because it reminded me of the story of Joseph.

In a nutshell, Joseph was the son of Jacob who was tricked into marrying the older sister of the woman he loved.  The older sister was Leah and Rachel the younger.  Leah has 10 sons who became leaders of ten of the tribes of Israel.  Rachel has Joseph and Benjamin.  Joseph was Jacob’s favorite.  Now, if the favoritism had not been enough, Joseph also had dreams which his father interpreted to mean that Joseph would one day rule over Jacob and the other sons.  Naturally, this fostered intense sibling rivalry, so intense that his older brothers sold him into slavery.  While you would think that was the end of the story, it was actually a stepping stone to fulfilling Joseph’s dreams!  Joseph’s story begins in Genesis 37.  God does a much more interesting telling of it so I urge you to read it there.  The point is that, if you belong to God, what looks like the worst thing that could happen might actually be a stepping stone to the best.  As you can see from some of my stories, this has been true in my life.


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