commentary on “the fire” from 10.30

Tomb of the prophets Haggai and Malachi
Tomb of the prophets Haggai and Malachi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was pray/thinking about why things are in the shape they are – lack of jobs, infrastructure and built things disintegrating before our very eyes and I opened my Bible.  [This does not always happen, but perhaps it is apropos.]  Even now I am reminded of Haggai telling the people that God said, “I struck all the work of your hands with blight, mold, and mildew and still you did not return to me.”  That is my paraphrase of Haggai 2:17.  So, as I was thinking of the crumbling of US [written this way on purpose as a pun but not funny – we are crumbling just as our nation and others are] I turned to my Bible.

Earlier I posted about my dream of the fire (see related articles below).  This morning’s Bible readings were in Malachi, specifically chapter 4.  I encourage reading the whole book – it is only 4 chapters.  As I read I was reminded of the dream about the fire.  I will speak as a friend taught me – to talk about me:  I have withheld my tithes and offerings – offer your bodies as living sacrifices, Romans 12:1….  I offered, but only as long as I got to be comfortable and nothing bad happened.  I am thinking that is not what Paul intended.  Then it struck me, if I have done this how many others have and is that what is wrong in our world?  Or, maybe I am just trying to wrench this corrupted place into a semblance of Heaven.  God knows.

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