Blood Shed (11/9/13)

Reblogged from The River Walk aka as Two Rivers Assembly


Read: Ezekiel 20:1-49, Hebrews 9:11-28, Psalm 107:1-43, Proverbs 27:11

For without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness. (Hebrews 9:22)


Relate: I have a friend who grew up on a farm. They used to raise cows and like most families that had animals, those cows were given names. Unlike the names you might give a cat or a dog, and unlike even the names you might give a cow (only Bess comes to mind), they named those cows with their purpose in mind. Those poor animals were named Filet Mignon, T-Bone, Sirloin, and such like. Wise parents. They taught their kids that as cute as you might think little Prime Cut is now, don’t forget, one day that cow is going to be on your dinner plate.

React: Jesus came to this earth with one purpose in mind. He came for my redemption. He came for your redemption. From the moment he…

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