things learned 2 of ? : lack of money

On page 290 of What on earth am I Here for?, Rick Warren instructs his readers to consider a set of questions to determine what God was teaching and they learned.  This post considers the second of the set of questions:  What have I learned from lack of money?

Here are some things that stand out:  my family has not gone hungry, I never missed a car payment, I was able to pay the car off,  and I have no credit card debt – praise the Lord!  There were times when we ate cornbread and beans or beans and rice every day for a year or more.  I prayed over our food and asked the Lord to make it what our bodies needed.  All of my children have above average IQ’s so eating the same thing did not damage us, again to the praise and glory of God.

One time, we had just moved to another city so I could take a job.  I got my last unemployment check on a Friday and it was just about enough to last one week.  I wondered what we would do the second week.  The next Friday, I received a pay check for work I had been told was “volunteer”!

The Lord has also used people to help – sometimes community members and sometimes the church, even my workplace!

Like the Hebrews during the Exodus from Egypt, the long and short of it is that it was not the job that provided for me, it was not money that took care of me.  It was the Lord moving in hearts that demonstrated His care.  Now if He would just get that from my head down into my heart… (lyrics from an old Christian song played on the radio) because I still struggle with worry, I am near ashamed to admit even with all of the evidence to the contrary.  My church’s benevolence ministry recently paid my rent for November.  I do not yet know what God has planned for December.  I do know this:  I eat better when I seek the Kingdom first, Matthew 6:33.  Stay tuned.


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