Millennial church

English: the page of the codex with text of Ma...
English: the page of the codex with text of Matthew 9:23b-10:17 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Barna’s report on Millennial (Link included at end):

First, I behave like a Millennial in many ways but I am a Baby Boomer meaning it’s not just Millennials.

Next, Millennial dependence upon the net places them in an incredibly vulnerable position.  What happens if the net is turned off?  What happens if we lose electricity long enough that our devices do not work when power is restored?  What if some of the information they seek is barricaded behind pay walls or walls built to deceive or for “peace”?

The church is not the building.  The church is the people.  Too many churches are building buildings while the people suffer.  I know people who have no electricity and/or water, can not pay their rent, and struggle to feed their children.  What is the building doing to help that part of the church?  Jesus talked about cups of cold water for the thirsty, coats for the cold, food for the hungry, justice and breaking yokes of oppression.

I, like the Millennials, want you to show me don’t tell me.

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