Kelly Vaughn Interview

Vaughn, owner of Kelly Vaughn Music Studio and leader of the band by the same name, is a self-described pop musician from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex who also leads worship at First Christian Church Plano.  Recently I had the opportunity to ask Kelly a few questions:

Q: How has God influenced your music?

KV:  I give God the credit for leading me down this path, giving me the talent and desire to pursue music.

Q: How does your music seek the kingdom or lead listeners to?

KV:  I feel that my music may lead to people to God by showing them that not all Christian music is boring, hokey stuff.  It can be engaging and meaningful and it can still pull in most the fun elements that secular music can.

Q: If your music has a “theme” explain.

KV:  My entire show is about being uplifted, feeling good, feeling empowered, doing right, leaning on God and also believing in yourself.

Q:  I’ve listened to a little bit….kind of reminds me of Steely Dan – a slow and relaxed, bluesy Jazz sound.  What musicians inspire you/your music?

KV:  My favorite song writers are: James Taylor, Jackson Brown, John Cougar
Favorite singer: Rod Stewart
Favorite guitarist: Neal Schon from Journey

[Interviewer thinks to herself, “Ah, then maybe I’m not so far off with Steely Dan”.

Q:  Do your lyrics have anything to do with your real life?  If yes, tell more, please.

KV:  All my songs are pretty much stories from my life.  I try and write from a perspective that other people can relate to using universal themes.

Q:  It seems like Its Worth a Try and My Strength  are decidedly Christian in content, tell me about that.

KV:  Those two songs are definitely Contemporary Christian songs.  I wanted to include those to keep my options open for radio and gig opportunities.  I also want to include my faith as part of my overall message.  However I would never want to only do those type songs.  I find lots of value in relevance in my other songs that are not worship songs but about everyday life situations.

Q:  When did you first start playing your first instrument?  What was it?

KV:  I started on drums when I was 14 then picked up the guitar at 15 and that became my primary instrument.

Q:  I know you are releasing your first album, what comes next?
KV:  Currently, [I/we are]editing another video and planning to start recording any batch of songs later this year.  Just trying to build my following and expand my influence through whatever means I can.

Thank you for the email interview!


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