Psalm 22:29 : Hope 13 of ?

Knights of Christ Ghent Altar Piece
Image is cropped from: “Ghent Altarpiece E – Knights of Christ” by Jan van Eyck (circa 1390–1441) Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –…/File:Ghent_Altarpiece_E…

In Psalm 22:9 David tells us God caused him to “hope” and “believe” from infancy.  This passage always reminds me of the nursery at the church where I spent a lot of time.  As soon as a baby could sit up, they were placed in jump chairs in class called “Cradle Roll”.  In Cradle Roll, Bible stories were told and sang and I grew up with the Lord unfolding the stories of David and Goliath, Samson and Delilah, Abraham and Sarah, Moses and the Exodus in my head and heart.

I remember coming to an age where I could read to myself and I began searching out those stories.  I do not know how the ladies who taught Cradle Roll presented the stories nor do I remember that we learned all the graphic details as babies.  I remember reading and thinking, “That explains a lot!”  As a baby some of the words were big words that I did not understand and I wonder if they told us the stories straight from the Bible and we were just too young to grasp everything.

My heart clung to those stories even when, in my mind, I chose not to.  I can testify that the Word that departed from God’s mouth accomplished a work in my heart, mind, and life, Isaiah 55:11.


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