Big changes

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Photo taken by author for another, now defunct, blog.

 Update December 2015:  I decided to return to the offbeatonpurpos (e) blog and twitter handle since I am not the 1 pearl and offbeatonpurpose describes me better.  On or about the end of December will expire.

Author’s note:  Bible verses are my paraphrases.  I suggest an older NIV, Parallel Bible, or the Amplified.  If you must use the Message – compare Acts 1 in other versions.  Did you find discrepancies?

Did you know David prayed to have an “undivided heart” Psalm 86:11?  I see a divided heart in myself at times – a mind that has opposing views.  That’s a good thing in that it helps me see things from the other person’s perspective but its a bad thing when I disagree with myself!  So, here’s to integration.  I’m combining all of my blogs and social media under offbeat  on purpos (e),  Matthew 10:28.


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