Job’s hope in failure – 4 of 34

Author’s Note

I only read that part of the book of Job where Job is doing the talking because God says that in all Job said he (Job) did not sin, Job 42:7. 

Synopsis of Job

In case you’ve never read any of the book of Job here is a short synopsis:  The devil goes to God and asks to test the man Job.  God allows as long as Job is not touched.  Job loses all of his children and flocks in a single day.  Then the devil goes back to God and asks to afflict him bodily.  God allows and Job comes down with sores.  Job complains to God that He should give him (Job) justice.  In the end, Job gets to see God.  (Isn’t it the pure in heart who get to do that? Matthew 5 or 6).


Image courtesy of WikiMedia

English: Folio 46r from the Syriac Bible of Paris (Bibliothèque Nationale, MS syr. 341), Job

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Today’s post

Job 6:11 contains the reference to hope I want to examine today.  In verse 13 Job acknowledges that his success has been “driven” away. 

I have been searching for answers, too.  If we are to “set our hope fully on the grace to be given us when Christ Jesus is revealed,” 1 Peter 1:13 then do I hope for anything here?  What is the Biblical evidence for hoping in or not hoping for anything here?

I go to read 1 Peter to make sure I have referenced the correct verse and it hits me.  Paul talked along similar lines and said there were those who have their minds on earthly things and their destiny is destruction but we are not like them because our citizenship is elsewhere, Philippians 3:18-20.

This did not go where I thought it was heading.  Maybe God has something else in mind.


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