Job’s hope – 6 of 34

William Blake [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’m going to linger in Job 6 for a bit.  Several things strike me:  Job’s warfare; his misery; & his longing for death as a release.  Today, I want to focus on Job’s warfare.

First, I am reminded of Ephesians 6 where Paul tells us our struggle is not against flesh and blood.  In contemporary terms that means the refugees and even IS are not our enemies as they are flesh and blood.  Instead, our enemies are spirit so if we are going to fight the real enemy it won’t look like the warfare we see in the world.

Next I am reminded of Revelation 12:7- where John tells the reader that Satan has come to wage war against us.

God tells Job that if he ever fights the leviathan he “won’t do it again,” Job 41:8.  Our spiritual enemy (ies?) possess even greater strength but we must endure to the end to win the prize.  Paul repeatedly tells Timothy to endure, 2 Timothy 2:10-11; 3:11; 4:5 saying of himself that he casts off the sin that so easily entangles, Hebrews 12:1, and presses on to the goal, Philippians 3:14.  I am reminded that Jesus endured the shame of the cross for the sake of the glory set before Him, Hebrews 12:2.

How is that hopeful?  It removes the expectation that this will be easy or for our own glory.


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