the hope in Job’s “ruin” – 7 of 34

471px-Blake_Job_3 the destruction of Jobs family
William Blake [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Quotes from the 1987 NIV.

In Job 2:3, the record shows that God says Satan “incited” Him to “ruin” Job.  Job 1:9 shows that Satan says God put a “hedge” around Job, “his household and everything he has”.

Hosea says, in 6:1-2 that the Lord “tears…but He will heal…that we may live in His presence”.  We see this play out in Job’s life.  God allows/permits Satan to remove all of Job’s children, flocks, even Job’s health, Job 1 & 2,  but after a time God blesses the “second half of “Job’s life more than the first” granting more children and wealth to Job, 42:12.

This gives me hope in two things:  the hedge God has around me and knowing He will heal.



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