Testifying to the marvelous deeds of the Lord 1 of ?

Tied up

My first memory is of being tied to a chair.  Today I know that my mother was trying to get some chores done and was alone way out in the country.  She wanted to hook us up on a tether to the clothesline so that we could have some freedom and be near her, but one end of the line was too close to the propane tank and that scared her.  So she tied us to chairs – us being me and my sister.

I can’t remember what she told me about the existence of playpens – its been too long.  I do remember a child jumping up and down in his playpen when I was about 12.  Eventually the floor fell out of that playpen so maybe my mom had some foresight.  Maybe wrangling a playpen and two very wiggly little girls was just too much.

What are the marvelous deeds accomplished by the Lord in this event?  Talking about what happened with my mom, Matthew 18; finding compassion for her in my heart, 1 Peter 4:8 (It wasn’t always there!); and being able to overcome, Revelation 12:11, the pain and rejection I felt at the time.


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