Book Review: I was blind (dating), but now I see


I was Blind (Dating), but Now I See:  My Misadventures in Dating, Waiting, and  Stumbling into Love

©2016 Stephanie Rische

ISBN 9781496404817


This candid glimpse into Rische’s dating life reveals my experiences with dating, especially blind dating, are far from unusually peculiar.  Rische describes:

  • her struggle with the process
  • how the struggle moves her to seek the Lord
  • how the struggle culminates in finding the love of her life


In all honesty readers should know, I didn’t want to read a book on dating but it was the only one left.  Now I can also honestly say I recommend this book to other women who are having to navigate grown up life as a single.

Reading another woman’s perspective on dating was at first eye opening and then comforting.  I laughed, I cried, I recognized some of her dates, I know the struggle!  The best part comes when she turns to the Lord and what she finds when she does.  Maybe, just maybe, I might be open to dating again after reading Rische’s story.

[FCC Compliance:  Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book or ARC.] 


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