you reap what you sow?, more on Job &hope, 23 of 34

[No image as no man can think or imagine what awaits us in Heaven, Ephesians 3:20.]

I’m reading Job chapters 29-31 where Job defends himself & details his righteous acts.  I am confounded.  If Job is so close to Jesus, why did these terrible things happen to him if you reap what you sow?  Then I remember….the reaping and sowing passage – its not about doing good to get good here!  It’s about sowing to please the flesh or the Spirit and comes with a warning, my paraphrase of Galatians 6:7-8.

Am I sowing to please the Holy Spirit?  The hope?  If I please the Spirit I don’t get a good life here; I still will have the trouble Jesus warned us about.  Sowing to please the Spirit means reaping eternal life, verse 8!

At the end of chapter 31 Job stops speaking until after God speaks.


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