My Ebenezer (s)

Knights of Christ Ghent Altar Piece
Image is cropped from: “Ghent Altarpiece E – Knights of Christ” by Jan van Eyck (circa 1390–1441) Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –…/File:Ghent_Altarpiece_E…

Do you have friends who tell you, look back over your Ebenezers and you’ll see the path outlined for you?  Ebenezer is the name prophet Samuel gave to a stone he set up in remembrance of what the Lord had done for him at Mizpah in defeating the Philistines, “Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen.  He named it Ebenezer, saying, ‘Thus far has the Lord helped us,'” 1 Samuel 7:12.  The footnotes state, “Ebenezer means stone of help.”

I think about that and how Jesus Christ is our cornerstone, Isaiah 28:16, Romans 33, and 1 Peter 2:6; an ever present help in time of trouble, Psalm 46:1; and a refuge, Exodus 33:22, Deuteronomy 23:7, Psalm 18:2, Psalm 27:5, Psalm 31:20, Psalm 46:1, Psalm 71:3, Psalm 91:2, Proverbs 14:26, Proverbs 18:10, Isaiah 25:4, Zechariah 9:12, Jeremiah:19 to name a few!  Then my thoughts come back to the present conversation and I think about how God has been my help.  The Joy War tells that story, His story.



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