Blavatar change

Update December 6, 2016:  I decided against using the pearls in the dirt.  I do not want anyone to mistake, the treasure is and is in Christ.  So, here’s a new blavatar and blog icon.

Constructed in Word with Shapes.  Image of me carrying my cross, Matthew 16:24.

Blavatar.  It probably means avatar for a blog since that’s where I came across the term.  Ask Google to define blavatar and the results state “blog icon”.  The old Blavatar

Hawaii flowering tree
No filter, afternoon on the trail to Diamond Head, Oahu, HI 2005. A now deceased friend loaned me his camera which my son used to take this photo and some others.

was an image taken from a photo my son took with a friend’s camera while we were on vacation in Hawaii – it had no meaning other than the sky always makes me think of joy because some Day Christ will come riding on the clouds, Revelation 1:7.  I’m into that.  Now I wonder if my friend was killed because we used his camera & that image on a social media site while talking to citizens of a closed nation.  Pray with us that the truth comes out?  Now to the new icon.

The new Blavatar is an image from a photo I staged.

icon w pearls of joy c 500 px

The pearls in the dirt remind me of the man who sold everything he had to buy a field where he had found a treasure, Matthew 13:44.  This reminds me of the fishermen who left everything to follow Jesus, Matthew 4:18-20 and Mark 1:18.


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