25 Songs of Christmas (#4 – Hark The Herald Angels Sing)

Amen!!!! We are coming to a festal celebration on God’s mountain – REJOICE!


I have some serious issues with this song. Well, my issue is not really with the song so much as with this arrangement. Don’t get me wrong. It is beautiful. It is melodic. Their voices are great and the orchestral accompaniment is spot on. It is exactly the type of arrangement I want to listen to when I am getting ready for bed. The problem is, those angels crying out were not trying to put people to sleep. They were trying to wake them up.

Now I am not going to go so far as Vernon McGee and say that angels cannot or do not ever sing, but it is interesting to note that in scripture they are always “crying out”, “proclaiming”, “saying”, etc. If you wanted to argue that they do actually sing, you would have a tough time showing me that in scripture. Either way, it is a…

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