an aha moment due to a new (to me) definition of respect

By Anonymous (/History/Carnegie/kant/portrait.html) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The catalyst for this thought comes from this Northouse quote (see reference below).

“Philosopher Immanuel Kant argued that it is our duty to treat others with respect.  To do so means always to treat others as ends in themselves and never as means to ends.  As Beauchamp and Bowie (1988, p. 37) pointed out, “Persons must be treated as having heir own autonomously established goals.”  These writers then suggested that treating others as ends rather than as means requires that we treat other people’s decisions and values with respect:  Failing to do so would signify that we were treating them as a means to our own ends.

If we are to, like Paul in the Areopagus, reach out to people where they are then the above quote gives me some idea of where to start.  When someone says my religion is  disrespectful are they telling me they feel used as a means to an end? or as if they are not autonomous?

How can we meet them and overcome this feeling keeping in mind what the Bible says about giving proper respect?


Northouse, P. G. (2016).   Leadership:  Theory and Practice.  Los Angeles, Sage.  ISBN:  978-1-4833-1753-3.  Amazon:






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